10. Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures


Teacher with Skeleton and StudentsThe North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork’s emphasis on excellence requires 100% attendance of all classes. When enrolling at NCSAB, the student is committing to full participation in the program. North Carolina license requirements demand that the student attend all scheduled classes in order to receive the necessary 500 clock hours.

We also strive to prepare the student to enter the work force with the discipline and attitude necessary to obtain and maintain effective employment. However, if a student is unable to attend a class due to an unforeseen circumstances, the following policies, procedures and fees apply.

Absence / Make-Up

Students will be marked absent/tardy if they do not attend class, arrive after the start of class, or leave before class is dismissed. No credit for hours will be given to students who are present but do not participate in the massage technique, or “hands-on” portion of classes. Strict attendance records will be kept. All NCSAB classes will begin on time as published.

If a student is absent:

3 Classes – Student must sign a notice of probationary warning

4 Classes – Student will begin probation period

5 Classes – Student will sign a final probationary warning

6 Classes – Student will be deferred or dismissed at the discretion of the Director of Administration

Students are responsible for notifying the school and/or the instructor regarding an absence or tardiness. Every hour missed in class will be made up through class make up assignments. The make-up assignment will be placed in the student’s mailbox. All make up assignments must be completed prior to entering the class the following week. If the student fails to comply, the student will be placed on attendance probation.

The student will have one additional week to turn in the assignment. If the student fails to comply, the student will be dismissed or deferred. The Director of Administration will consider each individual on a case-by-case basis.


All North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork classes will begin on time as published.

If a student is tardy:

3 classes: Student must sign a notice of probationary warning

4 classes: Student will begin probationary period

5 classes: Student will sign a final probationary warning

6 classes: Student will be deferred or be dismissed at the discretion of the Director of Administration

Student Conduct

NCSAB students are expected to meet and maintain proper standards of attendance, conduct, dress, personal hygiene and ethics at all times. Failure to abide by the school’s standards of conduct will result in disciplinary procedures being taken, which may include probation, suspension and dismissal.

Conduct which would be considered in violation of this policy includes but is not limited to the following:

• Any behavior not in keeping with NCBTMB Code of Ethics

• Behavior inconsistent with North Carolina law for Massage Therapists

• Rude or disruptive actions or behavior which infringes on the rights of other students, clinic clients, instructors or administration

• Any actual or perceived act or action, verbal or otherwise, of a threatening, sexual or violent nature

• Confirmed act of dishonesty, i.e. cheating, stealing

Missed Exam Make-Up

If a student misses an exam due to an absence, the student must make up the missed exam prior to re-entering the class in which the exam was missed. The Director of Administration will consider each individual on a case-by-case basis

Failed Exam Make-Up

If a student fails an exam, the student may elect to retake an exam within one week and before re-entering the class in which the exam was failed. If the student fails the exam for a second time, the student must sign up for mandatory tutoring. The Director of Administration will consider each individual on a case-by-case basis.

Dress Code

Students are asked to wear casual, but professional attire during class. No cut-off shorts, revealing tops or bottoms or other inappropriate clothing.

Students are expected to wear khaki or black pants (no jeans) or khaki mid-length shorts, their school t-shirt and athletic shoes during off-site field trips and student clinical massages. Students are asked to remove all jewelry and secure long hair away from face prior to the hands-on portion of class.


It is imperative in the massage profession and while in school that therapist practice good hygiene. No heavy perfume or cologne should be worn. We ask that students use deodorant and also be conscious of their breath. Students should refrain from smoking prior to participating in class or contact with clients.

Nails will need to be clean, trimmed and filed. We ask students to remember, we are working in very close contact with others and we must be extremely conscious of not being offensive to others.

Judgment regarding dress code and hygiene violations will be made by the instructor or an administrative staff member.

Probationary Procedures

Note Of Probationary Warning

A Probation warning will be issued to a student if:

Academic: Grade point average falls below 75% average in any class.

Attendance: Absent and or tardy for more than 3 classes during the length of the course.


Students will be placed on probation if:

Attendance: Grade point average falls below 70% in any class and / or substandard progress in massage technique classes.

Attendance: Absent / Tardy for more than 4 classes

Conduct: Student not adhering to the school’s conduct or dress code policy.

Financial: Payment 10 days overdue.

Probationary Period

Academic: Probationary period will be 21 days from the time of probation notice in which the student must comply with the Academic Standards set by NCSAB (see above). If the Standards are not met within the 21-day probationary period the student will be deferred or dismissed from North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork.

(see Deferral/Dismissal).

Attendance: Probationary period will be for the duration of the program from the date of the 4th absence / tardy.

Conduct: Probationary period will be for the duration of the program from the date of the misconduct or second violation of the dress code policy.

Financial: Probationary period will begin 10 days after the date of the missed payment. The student will be assessed a late fee (see Administrative Fees) and will be placed on Financial Probation. If the student fails to meet their financial obligation within 5 days, the student will be deferred or dismissed (see Deferral / Dismissal).

Deferral / Dismissal

If a student fails to meet the Probationary requirements they may be deferred:

•  To a decelerated program

•  To a leave of absence

A decelerated program is at the discretion of the Director, a student may be required to reduce their course load. A meeting with the student to discuss this option will be scheduled. … Final approval by the Director is binding.

A leave of absence can occur when a student requests to discontinue their training temporarily. The request must come from the student in writing. A leave of absence form must be completed with effective date and expected date of return. A student may not accumulate more than 180 days leave of absence in a twelve month period and completion of the program must occur within 1.5 times the enrolled program length. Failure to return at the specified time will result in dismissal.

A dismissal of a student from North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork may occur due to failure to meet the probationary requirements resulting in the student not being in good standing with the standards of the school such as; conduct attendance, finance, and academic. School administration will review each case individually. Official dismissal acceptance date will be considered the last date for actual class attendance.

Students have the right to appeal any probationary or dismissal action and may present their case in writing to the Director of Administration. The Director will consider each case individually and respond within 5 business days. The Director’s decision will be final.


A student who has been dismissed due to lack of satisfactory academic progress or attendance violation may request readmission after a minimum of 90 days and a maximum of 180 days. Re-admittance will be at the discretion of the administration. Following re-admittance the student will be placed on academic and or attendance probation for the first reporting period.

A student who is re-admitted must enroll under the terms of the most current catalog. The student will be responsible for any cost increase or changes in course requirements since their previous enrollment.

Academic Grading Scale

Written and practical exams are scored and recorded as follows. Practical exams are standard in the massage field and are the combination of subjective and objective measurements of the student’s abilities by the evaluator. Minimum grade point average of 2.0 on a scale of 4.0 is required.

For grade point calculations the average score for all exams and re-takes will be used. NCSAB reserves the right to limit the number of retakes for failed exams.

















Administrative Grades

W Withdrawal: Student who has withdrawn with authorization from administration WF Withdrawal/Failure: Given to students who cease to attend classes without first obtaining authorization from administration.

ST Satisfactory Transfer: Satisfactory completion based on previous course work or transfer equivalent

I Incomplete: An incomplete may be given at discretion of Director for course work not completed. Deficiencies not corrected within 30 days become an “F” Progress reports will occur in all courses at 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% of completion. All student records of academic progress will be kept confidential and maintained by the school. Students may review their records, upon written request to the Administration.

An official transcript indicating completion will be issued to the student upon graduation.

North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork does not offer non-credit remedial classes. The school recognizes the highest grade for any course of work or classes repeated. Course repetitions are only allowed if completion of the program occurs within 1.5 times the enrolled program length.



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